17  September

    Saint Svimeon was raised at Davit-Gareji Monastery. He labored as a simple monk until he reached an advanced age, and was chosen to be abbot. Outstanding in virtue and humility, St. Svimeon was endowed by the Lord with the ability to work miracles.


 Once St. Svimeon became deathly ill and lay lifeless for more than an hour. Then, by Divine Providence, he arose and distributed all of his possessions to the fathers of the monastery to keep him in remembrance.

When St. Serapion heard about this miracle, he hastened to Abbot Svimeon, his spiritual father, and, enlightened with prophetic grace, comforted him: “O honorable Father, give me your holy hands that I may kiss them. How I desire for these hands to bury the dust of my worthless body—but nowyou are departing this world ahead of me. You will go, Father, but without you I will not remain long on this earth; soon I will follow after you!”

So the fathers bade him farewell for the last time. St. Svimeon settled his affairs at the monastery, and in 1773 he reposed in peace, exactly one week after he had recovered from his deathly illness.

Thou didst dwell in the wilderness as an angel in the flesh and a wonderworker, O God-bearing Father Svimeon. Thou didst receive from heaven the virtues of fasting, watchfulness and prayer and didst heal the infirm in soul and body who hastened to thee. Glory to Him Who granted thee strength, glory to Him Who hath crowned thee, glory to Him Who worketh miracles through thee!

Archpriest Zakaria Machitadze