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13 June 2015. Devastating flood in Tbilisi, Georgia

posted Jun 21, 2015, 9:30 PM by Mamao Thoma   [ updated Jun 22, 2015, 8:58 PM ]

Devastating flood in Tbilisi, Georgia 

Dear all, 

Many of you are aware of the catastrophe that occurred in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, on the night of June 13th. Due to heavy rains, the River Vera flooded, completely destroying some houses and residential buildings as well as damaging others. 

As a result of the natural disaster, dozens of families are displaced. Flood related human casualties have already reached 20, and 6 are still missing. As well, there are innumerable animal losses. The river overflowed into the Tbilisi Zoo, killing many animals, while others, including tigers, wolves and penguins, were able to escape into the city. The flooding has also completely destroyed the Dog Shelter. Luckily, the employees were able to escape, and putting their own lives at risk, rescued just 150 out of the 500 dogs housed at the shelter. The flooding and soil erosion have also affected other areas of Georgia, including Tskneti, Village Tsveri and Akhaldaba. Moreover, the excess water has damaged infrastructure in other parts of Tbilisi. In order to recover, Tbilisi desperately needs all the help it can get. The total damages estimated at 100 million USD.

This tragedy has united the government, citizens and companies to contribute in cleaning and restoring the city. Money is being raised in Georgia, in the United States and across the EU. We kindly ask all foreign friends and benefactors to join the effort in rebuilding the capital and assisting those affected by the flood. All money raised will go towards rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure, providing shelter and necessities to the affected families and giving new accommodations to the animals from the zoo and the dog shelter. Please support Tbilisi in getting back on its feet. In the wake of this tragedy, all donations are significant and the citizens of Georgia are deeply grateful for every contribution, large or small.  

We will be posting regular updates on the situation in Tbilisi. Every dollar counts and we thank you all for your kindness. A full recovery will only be possible with the generosity and compassion of the international community.

Please donate for Tbilisi recovery on this online donation site.